Some words on Metrodome...:
"The characters emerge fully formed from the deepest, darkest depths of the magnificently poisonous headspaces of Collins and Laurie... If you like your comics unsettling, in-yer-face and gratuitously grotesque then you can’t go wrong with the wicked and wily wit of these guys." Broken Frontier.

"This macabre and darkly humorous duo continue to be a perfect writer/artist pairing... It's essentially two artists playing around but committing to a premise with great enthusiasm and seriousness." High Low Comics.

"Their work together is instantly recognisable and like nothing else you've ever read... often hilarious, occasionally incomprehensible and always, always disturbing." "...this ultraviolent, sickeningly offensive mindspew is utterly brilliant." Starburst Magazine.

"...if you’re looking for a quick fix of weird or ever dreamed of seeing someone crushed by a living embodiment of human feces then this one’s definitely for you." Strange Kids Club.

"Fun, frantic and as inventive an idea for a comic as you’re likely to ever see again" Comic Anonymous.

Interview on Rhymes With Geek.

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