In 2013 Craig Collins and Iain Laurie launched METRODOME; a bold, bizarre and brutal experimental comic.

To create Metrodome random words were extracted from a single edition of the free UK Newspaper the Metro, and combined over and over to make an extensive list of outrageous villains names. The finest eight were selected and, based on that name alone, artist Iain Laurie created a character design for each nefarious enemy. The stage was set for these paper-thin miscreants to battle to the death in the Metrodome, for the prize of their own comic, and with that, meaningful existence itself!

But what of the others on that list? What about those left behind, outside in the howling dust-choked wastes of non-being, hammering on the gates of the Metrodome for a the chance to fight for a place in the world?

Here, in the Exiles Of Metrodome, these luckless outcasts are brought to brief and beautiful life in a sketchjam featuring a range of marvellously talented artists from the UK and abroad! Over the next week of May 2014, watch as sensational villains and monstrous bastards created by a host of brillaint artists are revealed, designed based on only a random name drawn from the Metro and handed to them, and what their own feverish brains have envisaged!

 Panic Bomb by Neil Ford / @Neil_Ford

 Sting Brain by James Corcoran / @FictitiousInk

  Fascist Knife by James Devlin

Disease Mountain by Coll Hamilton / @SeeFarEnough

Nude Wrestling by Phillip Marsden / @PhilMarsden

Lethal Gorilla by Alex Ronald / @68Lex

Concrete Fog by Nulsh /@Nulsh

Power Victim by Rob Miller

 Meat Fog by David DeGrand / @DavidDeGrand

Eerie Hands by Jane McGuinness / @JaneLikesYou

Infuriating Brain by Matthew Allison / @Loafdish

 Mother Murder by Mark Brady/@HolidayPirate

Muscle Abuse by Edwin Vazquez /@Edwin_Vazquez
Pelvic Horror by Spanky / @Neil_Beattie
 Tiger Hands by German Orozco / @GermanOrozco

Daunting Meat by Alan Kerr

  Brutal Food by Jess Smart Smiley / @Jess_Smiley

Iron Romance by Neil Slorance / @Osmart

Fearsome Gold by Stephen Goodall / @SDFGoodall

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